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Questionnaires of HHP study

There were several questionnaires in a survey wave:

    * A household questionnaire was registered for every household. It was answered by a competent member of the household, by someone who was familiar with the household's budget and economy. Completing household questionnaire was a minimum requirement for a successful household interview. The questionnaire include the so called household table that contains basic socio-demographic (gender, age, etc) information about each household member.
    * Every household member aged 16 and over was supposed to answer an individual questionnaire.
    * If no individual questionnaire was answered by the individual, a so called substitutional questionnaire was asked from another member about the non-respondent. Substitutional questionnaire contains only a few questions about the basic socio-economic (occupation, estimated monthly income, etc.) characteristics.
    * In certain rounds (in the 5th and 6th waves) household heads were interviewed by a so called household head questionnaire.
    * For the field work a detailed written instruction was given to the interviewers. The instruction contained the methodological and technical rules of the survey and it also contained the definitions of specific concepts of the household survey (ie., the definition of "household", "household head", etc.).
    * Beside the above questionnaires, the panel nature of the sample made necessary the detailed registration of households' composition and their contact addresses in a separate flat sheet. These data (ie. addresses, names) are not included in the database because of personal data protection



Household questionnaire

Individual questionnaire

Substitutional questionnaire for non-responding individuals

Household head questionnaire

Flat sheet

Andorka Rudolf

(1931-1997) szociológus, egyetemi tanár, 1990-től az MTA levelező tagja, a BKE rektora (1991-1997), az OTKA elnöke (1991-1996), a magyarországi Lutheránus Egyház világi elnöke. Andorka Rudolf számos folyóirat szerkesztőségének tagja volt. Az ISA Research Committee
28 on Social Stratification and Mobility (RC28) elnöke volt 1986 és 1990 között.


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